Al Monairy for Corn products

Al monairy Co. for corn products located in the Tenth of Ramadan city, has been working in the Egyptian market since Year 2005 in the production of starch, glucose syrup and the feed concentrates according to the local and international quality standards using the latest technological manufacturing Methods with a daily grinding capacity about 500 tons .The facilities we have enabled us to have a high share in the Egyptian and the Arab markets.


Corn starch

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of corn starch, which is widely used in the applications of paper industry


A by-product of starch and glucose industry and is produced from corn Jenin era resulting from wet milling process of corn in the production of starch and glucose


A corn ingredient of the corn wet milling process, corn gluten feed is a medium-protein, medium-energy feed and pet food ingredient. 


is regular conversion, ion-exchanged syrup, produced under very stringent manufacturing specification. It is a purified, aqueous solution of nutritive saccharides obtained from starch.


We confidently keep pace with the technology and are always ready to meet your schedule.

made in egypt

al monairy for corn products

since 2005 we produce high quality products of starch, glucose, maltose, gluten meal, crude corn oil and oil cake

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