We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of corn starch, which is widely used in the applications of paper industry, food industry and various others. Formulated from the superior quality corns in our well-equipped unit, this corn starch has a huge demand among our clients spread in Egypt well as abroad.


Description & Color                                               fine White to Pale Yellow powder
Solubility insoluble in cold water & alcohols
Moisture content % 12 -14 %
Total Protein % ≤ 0.4 %
Soluble Protein % ≤ 0.025 %
Oil % ≤ 0.1 %
PH of 10 % solution 5 - 7
Total Ash % 0.20 -0.30 %
Sulphated Ash ≤ 0.2 %
Fibers % ≤ 0.5
Starch content ≥ 99.45%
viscosity ≥ 420.0 Cp
Acidity degree ≤ 3.0
Fine ≥ 99.59 on 200 mesh (75 micron)
Purity Clear
Gel Temperature 60 ( ±5) C°
spore - forming bacteria :
( aerobic & thermophilis)
spore - forming Bactria:
(forms acids & no gas )
spore - forming bacteria :
( anaerobic & thermophiles’ )
spore - forming bacteria :
(sulphite - reducing )
Insoluble Ash in Acid % ≤ 0.1
Total Count ≤ 300 Cfu/g
Moulds & east ≤ 150 Cfu/g
E.COli(Cfu /g) absent
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Product Applications 

Paper Industry

    In Paper industry a large quantity of starch is consumed as a surface-sizing agent, as a binder, as a paper coating agent to increase the paper strength etc. The purpose of size press application is to improve appearance and erase ability, less ink penetration and form a hard firm surface for writing or printing, to prevent surface fiber picking, and to prepare the sheet for subsequent coating. Modified corn starch is used as an adhesive in pigmented coating for paper and paper board. The primary purpose of coating is to enhance the printability and appearance of the paper.

Food Industry

  Corn Starch plays a vital role in food industry due to its characteristic such as viscosity & opaque paste, used for thickening sauces, gravies, pudding and pie fillings. It has numerous application in baking industry, provides strength to ice cream cones. These products are partly soluble in water and finds several applications in food industry as
- Thickener in Sauces and Soups
- Gel Former in Puddings
- Suspension Stabilizer
- Bodying agent in Baking

Textile Industry 

    Corn Starch is used in textile industry to provide stiffness & to add weight to cloths. Starch is also used in conjunction with thermoplastic or thermosetting resins to obtain a permanent finish. In textile industry, starch is used in sizing to strengthen the warp yarn, in finishing and changing the appearance of fabric after it is bleached, dyed or printed, in printing and increase the consistency of printing pastes. Also starch is used as a component in finishing agent to glaze and polish sizing thread

Pharmaceutical Industry  

    Starch is used in Pharmaceutical Industry as a dusting media for various type of coating as well as binder & amp; filler for capsules & tables. It is widely accepted in the areas of Dry granulation techniques where active ingredient are hygroscopic and is difficult to dry after wet binding. Corn Starch has proved to be as a efficient dry binder.